Idea Hunt, The Innovation Platform

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Last year we helped 700 companies, from more than 20 different countries, collect more than 10,000 ideas. By customizing an intuitive innovation platform to meet our customer’s exact needs and goals, we have been able to foster and promote innovation across a number of different industries from healthcare, to consumer products, and even venture capital competitions.

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Proud to be a Swedish owned and operated company, Idea Hunt has created a powerful, versatile tool that has become the premier online innovation platform. With an intuitive design, a customizable interface and the flexibility to request additional features and functionality, our platform quickly becomes the driving force for the success of your innovation project.

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The key that makes Idea Hunt different from other innovation platforms, software packages and other solutions, is the nature of the tool. Our platform is customized and built to suite your needs from the very beginning. Rather than giving you a cumbersome software package that requires additional training and places constraints on your team members’ time and efficiency, our online platform is easy and fun to use.

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The Platform:

Easy to Use - Our intuitive platform is easy and fun to use. You can now leverage open innovation without training manuals, videos and the like.

Empower your Customers - by closing the feedback loop. The Idea Hunt open innovation platform opens a direct line of communication between the customer and decision makers.

Customizable - Use your own branding elements to make this an extension of your customer or employee user experience.

Features and Functionality:

Run Multiple Projects - Idea Hunt allows you to host innovation challenges, design competitions, user generated feedback collections, and more, all at the same time. Target different hunts toward different segments of your organization or audience.

Privacy - Make hunts entirely private, require invitations or applications to participate, or leave them entirely open to the public. With Idea Hunt you have complete control over who can access, view and participate in your innovation projects and challenges.

Import, Upload or Search - Idea Hunt users and administrators can easily search their social media profiles or their devices for images and video they have taken, or search the internet with our easy to use integration feature.

Collaboration - Great Ideas are rarely developed in a vacuum. Idea Hunt empowers ideators to collaborate and name other users as idea co-creators.

Feedback - An essential part of the innovation process, after the ideas are submitted, is feedback or the actual curation of ideas. Feedback is easy and rewarding on the Idea Hunt platform.

Aggregate and Export Ideas, Images and Video - No more collecting ideas, feedbacks, and images one at a time from individual emails or social media posts. Export it all with the click of a mouse.

Upload Your Usage Agreements - With Idea Hunt, you have the power to establish your own usage agreements with your users.

Integrations - Our developers can work through APIs to make Idea Hunt work with your Intranet, websites, and more. Your Users Will Love It

Direct Access to Companies - Users have the ability to send their ideas and feedbacks directly to decision makers, rather than the void of generic contact forms and social media accounts.

Keep their Social Profiles Social - Not everyone likes to use their social media platforms for work or even engaging with brands, when companies and brands use Idea Hunt, these users feel free to engage.

Gamification - While not every idea is a winner, some certainly are! Whether a winning design is chosen to be put into production, an ipad or gift card is given away, or an interview with someone from corporate, there are all kinds of great prizes to be won.

Community - Users get to engage with people in their community, to meet and get to know each other as they co-create ideas to solve challenges.

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