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Step away from the clunky software solutions that charge way too much and deliver far too little. Put down the policies and procedure guidelines that were written for someone else’s organization. Instead, come speak with the innovation experts at Idea Hunt. We’ll listen to your needs, your organizational opportunities and work with you to clearly define the goal of your innovation efforts. From there, we’ll build you a customized innovation platform that is tailored to these needs and geared toward achieving your goals.

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How It Works

Check out each of these individual Idea Hunt Solutions to learn more about how we are working to serve the needs of organizations in your industry. Within each of these industry solutions, Idea Hunt works to customize the individual innovation platforms to each entity, meaning that we don’t offer a one size fits all solution. If you’d like to see how the technology and the platform works click here.

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Why Are People Choosing Idea Hunt?

We could spend all day chatting about what makes people, organizations and corporations choose Idea Hunt, but we’d rather let them tell you. The following are quotes from actual customers and their custom platform users.

The Hunt for Innovation

Take a look at some of the real world examples of Innovation in projects on Idea Hunt Platforms. From developing new stretch goals, to marketing tactics, new functionality and product ideas, all the way to validating ideas for startups and hosting venture capital competitions, the use cases for our innovation platforms are endless.