What is Crowdsite?
What is Crowdsite?

What is Crowdsite?

Introducing Crowdsite, the First Social Crowdsourcing Network

A study shows that one in eight people has made money online. There's a huge crowd out there consisting of freelancers, startup entrepreneurs, smart employees and forward thinking businesses. Better named: Crowdworkers

There are tons of social networks and crowdsourcing marketplaces. But until today there was no Social Crowdsourcing Network. Our network has three key goals: develop tools to Meet, Socialize & Do Business.

A powerful profile & newsfeed gives you the ability to Socialize with your local connections and the rest of the world.

We launched also a ServiceShop for our community. The place where crowdworkers can create a service and sell it worldwide, in our public or their personal shops. A great tool to do Business with new and existing clients.

Start:Sep 26, 2016
End:Oct 25, 2016