need you, too - share your feedback! need you, too - share your feedback! need you, too - share your feedback!

Hi there! You will by now have had a chance to try the group version of on or browse the individual version on

We would now like to hear your thoughts on what worked, what could be better when it comes to look, feel and content. Also, it would be great to hear in what words you would describe to your fellow scouts and leaders.

Please share one comment per idea (that way you gather the most points :-) ) and have a look at and give feedback to the ideas of others - that way we crowd improve the crowdlearning platform :-)

Happy idea hunting! From Hannah and team

Start:24 Apr, 2016
End:23 May, 2016


    Prettified Mission Story

    We layout one of your mission stories. That way you can share your impact on making this world a better place in a unique and special way.

    Blogified presentation

    We share your impact in our social media channels and on our website. Tell us what you are all about when it comes to sustainable development and we will let the world know.

    TheGoals.orgified merchandise

    Of course, the global goals are the latest fashion statement. Want to show your support as a ambassador? Pick your favorite merch and share the story.