What can an interactive search engine do?
What can an interactive search engine do?

What can an interactive search engine do?

When you search for a solution on Google, what are you expect to receive? Images, videos, news, blogs? Or you want to see someone who expertise in your problem and they can help you? Do you enjoy reading the researches and newspapers from experts, or directly discussing with them and asking them things you wonder? Does receive knowledge from someone by communicate with them is a better experience than read from somewhere immobile unlike the texts can never update themselves over time?

That's why we’ve built Tesse, a tool to connect people with global experts, an answer for all of the questions above.

We have been working in this project for over 7 months and at 17th March, 2017 Tesse was launched. Tesse is an interactive search engine which allows you to search by a keyword of skills or expertise and get people as result. It is an on-demand platform for knowledge sharing service with an UX of search engine, and a built-in payment system. It allows users to search online (real time) experts around the world and connect with them via live chat and video call.

Tesse has the independent contact tools which to keep all of the transactions in extremely privacy, its simple interface and the payment system bring you the most familiar and simplest using experience.

Join Tesse as Experts, you can earn extra income by sharing your knowledge whenever, wherever you are, you can get recognized from others around the world and raise reputation through Tesse’s review system (people can only do the review if they really paid you the money). You can also set you own price for every transaction.

Join Tesse as Searchers, you can learn from the better ones or find someone who knows well your problem and they can help givingyou solution.

Whoever you are, expert or searcher, you can always do both learning and sharing. Experts can learn from other experts, searchers can become expert anytime as long as they're confident about their knowledge in a field.

What we do is all about keep the knowledge flows going all over the world and we hope you enjoy it!

Please take a look at our website: https://tesse.io

For any feedback or question, you can contact us via admin@tesse.io or send us a letters to address: 3030 Potrero Ave, El Monte, CA 91733, USA.

Start:Mar 28, 2017
End:Apr 26, 2017