Making Education more affordable and available!
Making Education more affordable and available!

Making Education more affordable and available!

Tired of lugging around stacks of photocopies in college? Glossaread allows you to buy higher education textbooks per chapter. If you are interested in specific chapters from a book, you can now pay for only those chapters instead of buying the entire book. These chapters can be accessed on your mobiles, laptops or tablets and are priced such that you end up paying less than you would for photocopying the chapters! Get access to educational books from a wide range of disciplines such as Biomedicine, Engineering, Environmental Science, Finance, Mathematics, Sociology, Robotics, Design, Grammar, English, Literature, Nursing, Physics, Biotechnology, Programming, Research methodology, Management, Marketing, Chemistry, Communications, Tourism, Business, Advertising and others. If you are working on a dissertation, research project or simply want to acquire an in-depth understanding of a particular subject, look no further. Glossaread also has research journals from a wide array of streams such as law, humanities, science, economics, et al. Glossaread is also slowly and steadily building a database of e-books to satiate the bookworm in you. Very soon you will be able to read self-help books, biographies, novels, motivational books, autobiographies, sci-fi books, mysteries and many more, at the click of a button. Here too, you can buy a book per chapter. If you don’t like a book after a couple of chapters, don’t purchase the rest of that book and spare your pocket the disappointment. The content that you buy on Glossaread can be read on the go using mobile phones or tablets, as well as on laptops and desktops. Our responsive website is created to give you a seamless ad-free reading experience. Sign up today to read articles without any advertisements and earn reward points!

Our focus:

#Making Education More Affordable and Easily Available #More education content can be brought online and imparted effectively #Books split into chapters making it easier for the students to study.  Just buy chapters you need.

Chapters cost cheaper than photocopying.

We are working with India's Biggest Publishing Company : Laxmi Publications. We are signed up with India's biggest legal content provider: Manupatra Publishing We have on board India's biggest Test Prep Publishing Company : Vidyalankar Publishing.

We have over 4000 chapters and over 200 books and almost 50-60 independent authors and publishers beginning to pump in content for Users. ( students in this case)

Start:May 28, 2017
End:Jun 26, 2017


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