Swap Ideas - give to receive ideas
Swap Ideas - give to receive ideas

Swap Ideas - give to receive ideas

Idea Hunt wants to facilitate a community built project called Swap Ideas, taking the Idea Hunt platform one step further, in order to create an active idea exchange.

The concept is simple. Give 10 ideas to 10 other people, and receive 10 in return.

You are invited to join! The new Swap Ideas web site will be launched on Product Hunt in November.

The problem we want to solve

Many entrepreneurs and professionals have specific challenges that they are quite lonely in tackling.

We have tested this idea

Idea Hunt has tried this in the past with much success. Founder and CEO Elia Morling has invited 15 growth hackers to each submit one idea to the individual members of this group. The result is a valuable exchange of ideas.


Idea Hunt will create 3 hunts for the different elements of this project:

  1. The logo,
  2. The wireframes,
  3. The design

The community will participate in the hunts and Idea Hunt will select a winner for each hunt. The winner of the hunts will be responsible for working with Idea Hunt to create that piece of the project, and their prize will be to be listed as a Maker in the Product Hunt launch.

Now it’s up to you! We want to hear what you think about this new idea.

Is it a great idea? Do you see potential challenges? Let us know by submitting your idea and feedback to this hunt.

Also Submit your logo idea here and Submit a wireframe

Start:Oct 6, 2016
End:Oct 22, 2016



    Key contributors will be listed as makers on the Product Hunt page.