How to setup and activate your Roku player?
How to setup and activate your Roku player?

How to setup and activate your Roku player?

Set up and activate your Roku Streaming Player to stream your Favourites. It is easy to activate the device if you follow some of the quick and easy steps portrayed in this Video. Roku com Link is where you can activate your streaming Device, Create a Roku account and Link your Device to the account.

Connect your Streaming Player

To begin with, Connect One end of the cable to the HDMI port of the device and the other end to the HDMI port on your TV. Use a high-quality Power cable to connect the device to the Power source.

Now, Insert the Batteries into your Remote and fix the batteries in exact Position. In case if the remote is not working, Remove the batteries and Reinsert them again. An active and secure Internet Connection is essential to stream your Device and here is how you can connect your Device.

Furthermore, there are two methods to link your Device to an Internet Connection namely wired or Wireless. Choose the best One which provides you the superlative streaming speed.

Onscreen Set up

• Turn on your TV and then check for the Roku Logo on the screen. Also, make sure that the Power source or the Power outlet is working. • Choose the Correct source of Input on your TV • Check and ensure that the HDMI Connections are accurate • To sum up, follow the Onscreen Instructions to Pair your Roku Remote Steps to Activate your Device, Pair the Remote • To begin with, Go to the screen and then select the required Language once you Pair your Remote • Wireless Network List will now appear on the Screen. • Now, choose the correct Wireless Network Name from the List that appears • Enter the Wireless Network name and the Password when Prompted. Wireless Network passwords are always case sensitive and it is necessary to enter the correct username and the password • Now look for the Green Check marks on the screen. Press the Ok button when a software update window opens • The Streaming Player will automatically update the software • Activation steps are Complete and your player will restart .For more details see our video given below

It is suggested to follow the steps provided in the video cautiously to activate your Device.Also, Dial the toll-free number +1-888-269-1011 or visit our website, we have the best team to support you and assist you further.