How can we grow Idea Hunt?
How can we grow Idea Hunt?

How can we grow Idea Hunt?

We want your best ideas for how we can grow Idea Hunt. We both need more recurring users, and products that make good hunts. Your ideas can focus on any side of this equation! The important thing is that they will help us grow the service radically over the next 12 months. <br>

Good to know

  • We do not charge for Idea Hunts to be featured on our site
  • We are interested in doing Idea Hunts for products, events, podcasts, youtubers, and blogs
  • We have an amazing founding member community that wants to help us achieve growth. How can we empower our community to help us grow?
  • We do have a marketing and product development budget, so your ideas do not need to be on a zero budget.
  • We have a total social media following - across all channels - of 35K
Start:Mar 1, 2016
End:Apr 20, 2016


    $10 for each idea we put to use

    Each idea that we select to implement within the next 12 months will win a $10 Amazon e-gift card

    $20 for the best feedback

    The person with the most and best feedback wins a $20 Amazon e-gift card

The winners!

Make Idea Hunt Exclusive, Give Privileges to Exclusive Users
By Luke Fitzpatrick
Testimonials on Front Page/Home Page
By David Feldman
Overall ideahunt rewards
By Eduardo Hiramoto
Promoter Package - to educate and prepare members to speak about IdeaHunt
By Maggie Franz
Website Badges for Participating Companies
By Maggie Franz
Let's create a subreddit!
By Ramkishore Sudarsan
Attach/Embed Idea Hunt directly onto the Site seeking Feedback
By Ivan Tay
Outreach to Podcasters with a significant following
By Rick Grago
A blog to see the progress and share news
By Sebastian Klett
2 Step Viral Video Campaign
By Brady R