How can I prove that this product is legit?
How can I prove that this product is legit?

How can I prove that this product is legit?

Are you the owner trying to figure out how to increase your website’s organic traffic? Or are you the specialist trying to prove your monthly-retainer value to your client? Either way, you’ve discovered one thing – backlinks suck.

They suck because they’re so valuable to your organic search engine ranking. And they suck because they’re next to impossible to get (the legitimate ones, that is).

So, are you the owner who is about to give up on your great website idea that you thought would provide extra income for your family? Or the specialist and you’re about to lose your client and, maybe, your job?

The problem is that getting real backlinks is really important.

• “The 2 most important [SEO] factors are content and links pointing to your site.” (Google) • “Can you rank in Google without links? New data says slim chance.” (Moz) • “As links grow, your website starts to become stronger and stronger in the rankings.” (Google) • “Study shows minus relevance or quality issues, links are still the most powerful ranking factor.” (Stone Temple) • “Links are still the best way to discover how relevant or important a website is.” (Google) • “Webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.” (Google)

It’s also really hard.

Getting one good backlink is way too time-consuming and requires resources that you don’t have. Also, there’s no real help out there. On one end of the spectrum you have the successful digital marketers with unlimited resources who tell you to spend 10+ hours trying to get one backlink. And, slightly louder, on the other end of the spectrum you’re being blitzed by people promising good rankings if you just submit your website now. Thousands of backlinks are yours for $5.

Lastly, backlinks are really controversial. Google, being the largest search engine in the world, has warned to steer clear of “get rich quick” schemes or, in regards to SEO, “get 1,000 high quality backlinks for $5” schemes. They have also updated their algorithm (Penguin Update, May 2013) to assume that websites with “spammy” (low quality) backlinks should be discounted and assumed to be spam as well.

Because of this, any easy way to build backlinks has been viewed as negative. And, rightly so, because paying $5 for a thousand backlinks isn’t legit. Neither is submitting your website for free to get 500+ so-called “high quality” backlinks.

So, is that it? There’s simply no method of completing this extremely important task of building high quality backlinks in a reasonable way?

This, having affected me personally, was just not going to cut it. I became fed up. So fed up, in fact, that I decided to do something about it.

LinkCandle is an online community that encourages the giving and receiving of backlinks. Focused on quality above all else, we scan every webpage submission and verify the quality of every link before giving credit. Credit is vital, because a required links-given to links-received ratio must be met in order for your own webpage submissions to be visible on our platform.

How hard is it for our community members? All you need to do is submit your webpage once to be featured. And, to keep your ratio in good-standing, simply create content like you already do and, when looking for high quality, relevant content to link out to, search for it on LinkCandle instead of Google.

Yes, we’re facing controversy. Yes, we’re having to defend our work … and that’s because, again, backlinks are not supposed to be easy. New, truly innovative ideas are typically not received without ruffling some feathers, and that’s what we’re currently facing with LinkCandle. However, the time, physical resources, and mental energies that have the potential to be saved with LinkCandle are too big to ignore.

So, the question is, how can we position this product so that people trust the legitimacy and quality of it??

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