Get more people signing the petition for G-Dragon
Get more people signing the petition for G-Dragon

Get more people signing the petition for G-Dragon


I've created a petition on The petition is about bringing G-Dragon to Europe for a concert.

In the following link, you can read more about G-Dragon, but I can also describe GD shortly.

G-Dragon is the absolute biggest korean artist and has been for quite a while now, he's also a member of a boy group called BIGBANG who is the absolute biggest KPop group there is and ever will be.

The special thing about G-Dragon that separates him from all the other korean artists is his creativity and that he has written and produced a lot of hit songs, and are still doing so.

At the moment there is 2767 people who has signed the petition and there has to be way more, if there's any chance that he's gonna come over to Europe for a concert during his upcoming World Tour.

I've reached out to a few KPop websites and they've posted an article about the petition but I haven't been able to get to the absolute biggest KPop reporters, which is understandable.

How can this petition get more exposure and attention?

I don't believe that people are not signing, I believe that not enough people has seen the petition.

How can I get Youtubers or bigger KPop blogs to post about the petition?

Please help out and bring more joy to people's life by using your creativity!

Start:Jun 10, 2017
End:Jul 9, 2017


    Chance to meet G-Dragon

    If we reach our goals with the petition and YG Entertainment (The Label G-Dragon is signed to) sees the petition, there is a huge chance that we'll get contacted by them.

    Anything worth up till 1000 SEK

    I'm willing to offer any item that is worth maximum 1000 sek.