Find.Exchange is a London and Moscow based fintech company offering a powerful aggregator, we are a search and comparison engine for foreign currency, money transfers and travel currency cards.

We find the best exchange rates by comparing banks, FX bureaus, post office, travel agents, supermarkets, online money transfer, card providers and more...

Our platform provides transparency to the market by:

• Improving digital presence through our cross-platform experience. • We create unique interactive and video animated ads through targeted user advertising. • We drive footfall to your online or offline business, reaching out not just nationally but internationally presence. • We help your customer engagement through the offering of data and insights to you via our platform. • Our USP of offering your business our white label solution.

We are looking to establish our service with top travel sites, search engines and financial firms by offering an API for 3rd party usage, aiming to give the users "especially" the missing 4th pillar of the travel industry (Flights, Hotels, Transportation) and now Currency.

Visit our BETA on www.Find.Exchange or

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