Submit your design for the new BLOCKS logo
Submit your design for the new BLOCKS logo

Submit your design for the new BLOCKS logo

BLOCKS is the world's first modular smartwatch. The strap is made of several modules, each with their own function.

Our Challenge

We are in the midst of a branding revamp and need your help! The BLOCKS community is a key part of who we are and what we represent as a brand. So it seemed rather obvious to ask for your input creating our new logo. If you have an idea of how the BLOCKS logo should look like this is your moment!

Press the ADD NEW IDEA button and upload your image.

Explaining your idea to us would go a long towards taking it more into consideration.

The best ideas will be promoted to the community for additional feedback and voted on internally by our staff.

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Our 3 BLOCKS values that the logo should communicate

  • Built for the future
  • Open and honest
  • Approachable

Please make sure your suggestion adheres to these logo principles

5 logo principles Image taken from Smashing Magazine's 'Vital Tips For Effective Logo Design' article.

Start:May 8, 2016
End:May 23, 2016


    1st Place - Prizes worth up to $300

    The creator of the most popular logo will receive up to $300 worth of prizes. This will be a variety of BLOCKS products and cash prizes.

    2nd Place - Prizes worth up to $150

    2nd Place will be points related for those who provide an awesome submission and great feedback. We always like to reward engagement.

    3rd Place - Prizes worth up to $50