Auto Connect
Auto Connect

Auto Connect

I certainly like the idea of this app. The end goal is to help Independent Mechanical Repairers demonstrate their ability and show transparency & trustworthiness when it comes to the safety and reliability of their customers vehicles.

They connect car owners with their independent certified mechanics. They also help you find the cheapest price for the services, book an appointment with a car mechanic you chose, pay for car parts and services, and get your car fixed conveniently wherever you are.

Auto connect application is definitely your one-stop shop for enhancing and changing the way you manage your car.

Key Features

  • Avail Promotions and special offers for your car.
  • Manage your service request in more efficient way.
  • See appointments for your car
  • Be notified by your members regularly and many more.

The fastest and easiest way to communicate better with your Mechanic.